The luxury treatment with diamonds.


Diamond microdermabrasion

The Diamond Microdermabrasion is a gentle and painless treatment in which the removal of dead skin
dead skin is highly effective. The cell regeneration is stimulated by the diamond treatment.
It is also an optimal preparation for subsequent care. The skin becomes more receptive to other treatments
and thus more productive for the other treatment goals.

Treatment with the diamond microdermabrasion method is particularly suitable for skin with large pores, refinement of the
complexion and reduction of expression lines is a good solution.

– Refinement of the complexion
– Reduction of expression lines
– Reduction of age spots
– Reduction of pigment disorders

Offers and prices

  • Diamond Micro Dermabrasion

    DMD- Exclusive beauty treatment for her radiant appearance. 5-fold combined hyaluronic acid. Immediate tightening effect. Naturally beautiful complexion. Duration of treatment: 40 min

    70 €